Diego Giao García

Environmental Biologist
About me

Who I am

I am a young scientist living in Denmark. Since my childhood, my curiosity focused on science, mainly Biology and Chemistry. This led me to develop a passion for Geomicrobiology, Geochemistry and Ecology, the fields where I am currently carrying out my research involving the newborn science on Microbial Fuel Cells.

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Things I can do


During my education, I have probe myself able to lead research, from the very first step to the report writing. Moreover, my social skills make me fit perfectly in group work, something that I consider essential in science

Lab/field work

I have developed skills on biogeochemistry analysis (SRR, AAS,LOI…), molecular biology techniques (microbial communities identification) and I have experience on marine/lake geochemistry sampling in several different environments.

Water quality assessment

I have training on water quality control assessment, both in environment and potable water according to the European Legislation.